Who is trevor blumas dating

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Who is trevor blumas dating

Over the past two years, since he landed the role as Anakin Skywalker in the 'Star Wars' series of films, Hayden Christensen has continually denied that he was gay, this at the same time that Trevor Blumas was his lover.

Over the past few years, Hayden Christensen has also continually insulted and impugned the press when they claimed that he was gay, and inferred that the press was making up stories and making up facts.

He is also known for 2000s film roles in The Unsaid and Ice Princess.

He had a two-year relationship with Rachel Curtis that ended in 2007.

In light of the facts about Hayden Christensen, the interview in 'Interview' magazine is an astonishing piece of bold-face hypocrisy, combined with past astonishing lies Hayden has told about not being gay, the same time he was boyfriends with a young man named Trevor Blumas.

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Actor who had his breakout television role as Nathanel Blake on the western series Little Men.

He made his television debut at 13 in a 1997 episode of Earth: Final Conflict.

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Is there anything cuter than an Aussie accent and those blue eyes? He flubs the name of her favorite Judy Blume book (it’s …see what I did there?