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However, in practice, the distinction is not always clear.

Many IT shops employ individuals who address concerns at the database as well as the operating system levels.

If that's not acceptable to you, you may not use this document.

By using this document you are accepting this disclaimer.

having a gnu compatible readlink installed) so I tend not to use it as much.

Only when I'm certain I need it, like installing a command through homebrew. Good tip re determining the running script's directory, but note that this may not work as expected if the script was invoked through a symlink.

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward solution that's also portable.

Note: Instructions for two most popular Shells on Linux and Solaris are listed.

But of course, it's not effective in any programs or scripts called by the calling program.

To make it effective all the way down the call chain, you must follow the setting of the environment variable with an export command. What that means is you can modify the path by appending or prepending the desired directory(s) in existing statements modifying the path.

The installation of software, monitoring of system resources, and management of systems involve repetitive and error-prone tasks are better addressed through automated processes than manual procedures.

Attempt to edit your path only if you have advanced skill; if you're unsure of how to safely do it, consult your system administrator.

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Since then, Oracle, Red Hat, and Novell/SUSE have been steadily collaborating on changes to Linux kernel as they relate to database and application performance.

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