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Posted by / 05-Aug-2017 04:25

In fact, I have to wait for an Ajax request to complete to populate my options array.The problem is that the options array gets populated but select options are not updated in the front-end. Using the new D7 AJAX form API stuff I'm trying to rebuild the multiselect options on the fly with AJAX.I can see that $options is indeed being changed so I know that Drupal FAPI is doing what it needs to update $form_state. I am not familiar enough with multiselect to understand if it is processing $form_state or doing anything funky with the $options. Hopefully it's not a bug and it's possible to do with multiselect...I try to add values to a select2 (multiple select) field after performing an ajax call.

i am using javascript, jquery, spring 4.0.1 MVC framework.Leave this page open long enough, and you have a memory leak that will grow each time the pickers are replaced.To take the two concepts and combine them, here's how I did this in a recent project: This is in a Rails application, so there are some conventions working here that are not in my earlier examples, but you should be able to get something going from this.So the only missing link here is that before relying on the selected data in your AJAX callback, you'll need to trigger the select All() code so all values are being put in your $_POST data.Otherwise they'll never end up in your $form_state['values'].

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