Updating datasource using dataadapter

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Close() But if the Sql Data Adapter object is used to insert/update/delete records in the data source, is it ALWAYS necessary to first make the necessary changes in the Data Set for the data source to reflect the changes? The code I have shown in my first post (which doesn't use Sql Data Adapter) inserts a row in the data source....correct? If you want to update your Data Source without that line you have commnted then try to fill again your Data Set with the Updated values from the Data Base...Select Command = sql Cmd d Set = New Data Set sql Dapter. If the question is: Why is it needed to specify the values twice (when the new Data Row is created and also when the parameters are defined): First, while adding a new Data Row: d Row(1) = "" Then the answer is "No, you don't need to indicate this twice". NET Framework data provider to connect to a data source and Command objects to retrieve data from and resolve changes to the data source. The Sql Data Adapter uses the Connection object of the .

String conn String = "Data Source=(local); Integrated security=SSPI;" "Initial Catalog=Northwind;"; String sql Select = "SELECT * FROM Orders"; Sql Connection conn = new Sql Connection(conn String); conn. The Fill operation then adds the rows to destination Data Table objects in the Data Set, creating the Data Table objects if they do not already exist.When creating Data Table objects, the Fill operation normally creates only column name metadata. Tables("My Table")) When I run the above script, a new row gets added to the data source, correct? Sql Client; private void Insert Data() protected void Button1_Click(object sender, Event Args e) Vinz, I don't think you have understood my question yet. The connection object associated with the SELECT statement must be valid, but it does not need to be open.

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So is it ALWAYS necessary to first make the changes in the Data Table for the data source to reflect the change when Sql Data Adapter is used? what i mean is that you can INSERT data to your database without using sql Data Adapter like using System. As I said in my previous post, if the blue lines in the code in that post are commented, then the INSERT SQL statement doesn't insert a new row in the data source. Well im not really sure about that because im not doing that before..

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