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Netvibes rss feeds not updating

The Atom format was developed as an alternative to RSS.

Ben Trott, an advocate of the new format that became Atom, believed that RSS had limitations and flaws—such as lack of on-going innovation and its necessity to remain backward compatible— and that there were advantages to a fresh design.

Updated: January 2016 I’ve gotten some complaints about making people scroll too much…

So if you’re just here to find out “Who’s the best? We’ve asked around, we’ve searched, we looked, reviewed, and studied: we have our top 10.

Today, there are still a number of great RSS tools that are actively being improved, apps you can use to follow your favorite sites—from powerful crowd favorites like Feedly to simple Chrome extensions like Feeder.

Whether you want a simple app for consuming news on the go, or a powerful tool that archives the best content from hundreds of sites, there's an app here for you.

The name Atom applies to a pair of related Web standards.

A feed contains entries, which may be headlines, full-text articles, excerpts, summaries, and/or links to content on a website, along with various metadata.Proponents of the new format formed the IETF Atom Publishing Format and Protocol Workgroup.The Atom syndication format was published as an IETF proposed standard in RFC 4287 (December 2005), and the Atom Publishing Protocol was published as RFC 5023 (October 2007).A standard XML file format ensures compatibility with many different machines/programs.RSS feeds also benefit users who want to receive timely updates from favourite websites or to aggregate data from many sites.

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There is nothing more annoying than when somebody craps all over your space. If it’s a pain in the ass to work with, it shouldn’t be your start page in the first place.

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