Excel vba application screenupdating false not working

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When my macro runs i get a message Word is updating the field codes in the document.

Then place the names of travel expenses in say D5 and training expenses in F5.

Screen Updating doesn't stop all screen changes: do you see the data being pasted etc?

You can save the checklist and it copies the information to a data sheet in a separate tab.

Protect Password:="young C", _ Contents:=True, User Interface Only:=True End With End Sub I apologize for the misunderstanding in the question.I have tried setting screenupdating, displayalerts, displaystatusbar = false but i still get the message and it shows the macro going to the next doc. Are you using office 2007 and when you run the code you are running in debug mode? I have tried moving the screenupdating, displayalerts, displaystatusbar to different parts of the doc but i still get this. Display Status Bar = False For Each o Story In Current Doc. (that doesn't let you turn off screen updating..least I haven't found a way to do so for debuggin in 2007)Hey Malik thanks for your reply. Text End With Unload frm Title Set frm Title = Nothing Call Update Story Ranges(Active Document) Call Sheet Print Out Application. When you run this example, you can compare the respective running times, which are displayed in the message box.Screen Updating = True For i = 1 To 2 If i = 2 Then Application.

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After section 7 you will be able to develop small and useful macros and even very complex programs.

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