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Dating with housewives

star Gizelle Bryant’s ex-husband Pastor Jamal Bryant. DID.”reunion, people seem to be coming left, right, and centre for Ms. Clearly, this source is a disgruntled former friend who has it out for her but there may be some truth to the allegations here seeing as they’re almost wacky to be made up.A source has come forward to gossip site Fameolous and says that Phaedra’s new man is in fact Gizelle’s ex and it looks like the leaker is a close friend of Phaedra’s. “For those of you who just watched the #RHOA Reunion and are wondering who the man Phaedra told Kandi she was talking and texting with BEFORE Apollo even went to jail was Jamal Bryant,” the source emailed. And Kandi isn’t paranoid, Phaedra REALLY DID hold up her license when she was trying to get OLG open. All of this transpired right before she crossed ME AGAIN for a second time. The Dirty reached out to Gizelle for comment and while she didn’t confirm one way or the other, her response leads us to believe there may be some truth to this mess. And the mess that is Phaedra Parks’ life continues.She even asked the viewer how she knew about the basketball player.After getting over her shock, Gizelle confirmed that she is still dating the basketball player.talking about her past life (it included a yacht and plenty of time in Gstaad, obviously), but I mostly like to hear about who she’s dated. (Bustle reached out to the Monaco Royal Press Office for comment, but had not yet received a response.)Let it be said that a lot of Sonja’s stories can’t be validated — remember when she claimed she used to party with John F. Sonja’s own website claims that she had "escapades" with Prince Albert, along with “famous and influential men” like Richard Lewis, Eric Clapton, and John Mc Enroe.The money that Sonja had when she was married is long gone, as is the property and toys that came with it, but a good dating story?

So unless something terrible has befallen the couple in the last two weeks, we can assume they're still going strong.

The term originated in alternative relationship circles to describe a couple who doesn't aspire to move up the "escalator" of traditional relationship milestones: dating, then exclusivity, then moving in together, then engagement, then marriage, then kids.

As she's insisted time and again to seemingly baffled producers in confessional interviews, she and Adam simply aren't interested in living together, getting married, having kids, or moving their relationship past anything other than loving each other and boyfriend/girlfriend titles.

At the end of the Season 2 finale episode, which aired on Sunday night, updates were given on each woman.

Gizelle’s update said that she is still friends with Kevin, the man whom she was shown dating throughout the season but broke up with on the finale, and is now dating a retired basketball player she met at the gym.

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Chocolate is none other than Pastor Jamal Bryant, the husband of RHOP‘s Gizelle Bryant!

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