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Dating hole in cap cans

Sometimes by being familiar with the site itself, you can guess what the cans might have contained.

For example, these cans at left were found at the Lahontan site.

Canned food was important since farming at the time was more geared towards the raising of meat.

Cans then were pretty thick, and to open them you needed a hammer and chisel.

Once the likely bottle age or date range is determined, some examples of other places to look for more information is provided.: -It is about 9" (23 cm) in height and 2 3/8th inches (6 cm) in diameter.

-It is made of thick, heavy glass for its size, weighing almost 1 lb.

This will indicate either the date the can was filled, or the date the beer was brewed before, so you have a good idea of about when your can was produced and sold. This applies to the year the label design was copyrighted and it can be misleading.In addition to its packaging material, the beer can's shape also changed over time.Though the first cans looked like cylinders with flat tops and bottoms, producers eventually introduced cans with cone tops. There are often exceptions to these rules so I'll try to include them when I can. I'll start off with some general hints and rules and then we'll get to specifics.

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Schlitz cans are the exception as they were especially good with copyright dates because they redesigned their cans every couple of years.