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On May 11th, more than 37,000 men, aged 19-26, woke up and found their surnames on Lithuania’s compulsory military service list.

Every man would feel a hero and a king close to such a lady and the fairy tale would last all their marriage long. Baltic girls know how to treat their men properly and they do treasure family values.

It is very important that we, as a society, teach men to express their emotions and not force a stereotypical archaic role onto them.

The pictures are accompanied by the models’ quotes.

Some of these men took to social media to express their thoughts about what many called a sudden and random ‘lottery.’ The most disturbing thing was the very harsh and unforgiving public opinion of men who didn’t want to go to the army.

They were called “unmanly,” “cowardly,” “disgraceful,” etc.

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They are great housewives, loving wives, carrying and attentive mothers, understanding partners and devoted friends.